Trouble With The Law


About a month ago, Braden, Aaron, and Dom went to Lincoln to get Dom a car, which they ended up not even getting that day. While they were waiting for the guy that was selling them the car to get out of class, they went to a buddy’s apartment and bought less than an ounce of weed. They were driving to get money out of the ATM when they got pulled over because Braden had a taillight out. The cop smelled weed in the car, which the smell is usually there because they smoke in the car sometimes. The cop had Braden come sit with him in the cop car. “I smelled weed in the car,” the cop stated, “is there anything you would like to tell me about?”

“No, sir,” Braden explained, “we have smoked in my car before, but there is no weed in there now.”

“Would you mind if I checked?”

“Go ahead, sir,” Braden said knowing Dom had stashed the weed in his pants already.

The cop then pulled Aaron out the backseat of the car. “Alright son, I know there is weed in the car. Be honest with me and tell me where it is,” the cop questioned Aaron.

“Yes, sir, there is weed,” Aaron said unknowingly, “in the center console.”

Dom heard Aaron tell the cop this, so he took it out of his pants and put it back in the center console. The cop went into the car and found the weed. He walked back to the police car and explained to Braden, “Your friend Aaron told me where the weed was, so I now have probable cause to search the rest of your vehicle. How do you guys usually smoke it?”

Braden confessed to the cop saying, “We usually smoke it in papers. There used to be a pipe in my car a long time ago, but I am not sure if it is there or on campus.”

The cop went back and search the car again and found the pipe. The cop told the guys that he even smoked sometimes and didn’t get why it was a big deal, but he still had to do his job. He gave all three a possession of marijuana citation and gave Braden an additional citation for possession of drug paraphernalia for the pipe and then let them leave.

After that, we thought everything was over with and they just had to deal with the courts. Well, no. The cop called the campus security and told him that he was told there was a pipe on campus, so the campus security came and searched both of their rooms. They didn’t find anything drug related, only alcohol, so the campus security just gave them fines for the alcohol. They were then freaking out because they thought they were going to get kicked off the golf team. They didn’t get kicked off the golf team. They also qualified for diversion, which is when you don’t go to court and you just do community service, classes, and pay fines so that the charge doesn’t go on your record. Well, Braden was a minor at the time of the offense so he had to have a parent’s signature. He didn’t want to tell his mom anything, especially since Aaron was going back home with him.

Braden had me call the diversion office after they left to go to Canada for break and have the lady email the forms to him. So, I did and she emailed them to him. She emailed him the adult papers though and no one caught it, so he didn’t have to tell his mom. They also only have to pay like $200 and do community service and write an essay, so they got off easy.


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