Light At The End Of The Tunnel


Lately, Braden and I have been talking more and more about being together. He told me that just because we don’t give our thing a label as a relationship doesn’t mean we don’t know it is a thing. I have basically started living with him and his roommate in their apartment even though my apartment is in the next building over. We got a bigger bed as well. We have been talking a lot about our future. Today, he shared a picture of a baby picture with me and the caption was: We are going to do this some day! I love thinking about our future together.

The future I see for us, which we have talked about time and time again:

We will both finish school within the next three years and have our careers figured out. We will live in a state that allows for marijuana because Braden smokes recreationally every now and then and doesn’t want to get in trouble if he ever does use it. We will also live somewhere where there are plenty of golf courses for Braden to work at because he is going into turf management. We will get a house that we can afford and live in for a little while and then when we get more financially stable we will buy a bigger one in the country since we will need plenty of room for our family. I want to be married and pregnant before I turn 26, so we still have 5+ years for our relationship to grow. We will have four children, two boys and two girls with a boy first, hopefully. One of our boys’ names will be Darcy, after Braden’s dad. One of our children’s name will be Charlie because I am absolutely obsessed with that name. We will have lots of dogs, primarily a Blue Merle Great Dane named Mouse (my dream dog).

I realize we will have our ups and downs and I have already made plenty of mistakes in our relationship, but I believe that no matter what life throws at us we will overcome it. Baby steps, that is what I am getting from him right now and everything gets better every day. The little things are keeping me very happy lately and I am grateful that he is coming around.

Until Tomorrow,



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