Drunken Love

largeSometimes I wonder whether or not Braden will remember the stupid things he does when he is drunk. Half the time, he doesn’t. Which is really wonderful because it gives me great stories to tell him when we sobers up, and he usually doesn’t believe me but they are true! Like this night about a month ago, we made 100+ jello shots and he just was going at it. By the time I had one he had about six, so I limited myself to five so that I could take care of him. We played beer pong and were having a good time when he made the “bitch cup” so he had to pull his pants down to his ankles until he made another cup. His next turn he made a cup and said, “can I just keep my pants down?” We all said no and he pulled them up. Well, about five minutes later he missed a cup and tore his shirt completely off and in half. He woke up the next morning and he felt like shit and didn’t remember anything. I told him what happened and he didn’t really believe all of it. Then he went to the bathroom and found his torn shirt. He walked out with the biggest puppy dog sad face and said, “this was a good shirt too, damn it!” I almost died.

The reason I bring all this up is because Braden is drunk in Canada right now, so the only communication we have is text and he has been texting me, drunk. So far he has informed me that he wishes I was there because no one is taking care of him. He told me that Canadian beer is real beer and American beer is fake. And he finally said that he does still have feelings for me. This makes me happy and it makes me laugh because I can just picture him right now drunker than a dog just laying in bed having an epiphany. Alcohol always seems to, for whatever reason, make people more honest and more hilarious. His mom’s wedding is tomorrow though so I hope he gets to bed and sobers up soon so that he is good to go tomorrow. I know he is really excited.

Tomorrow I head back to Nebraska. There are rumors that I will be coming back down here sooner than expected because of my grandma’s health, which is really sad but I know it is the truth. She is going to have o move out of her house and move in with someone because she can’t take care of herself on her own anymore. I’m excited to go home tomorrow though because that just means I am one day closer to seeing Braden again and I can’t wait!

Until next time,



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